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Citi Field: Live Sports & Craft Beer

photo by Ceetar

We continue our series on Live Sports & Craft Beer today with Beertography's first guest post. Our friend Ceetar is a self-described Optimistic Mets Fan and has been hunting for good beer at Citi Field for a while now. Take it away Ceetar!


Beer Cheat Sheet (as of 4/29/12)

"Craft Beer Dugout" in sections 413, 127, 105  - (each section varies) Widmer Drift Pale Ale, Widmer Citra Summer Blonde, Goose Island Honker's Ale (all draught), Sixpoint Sweet Action, Blue Point Summer Ale & Toasted Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9 (all cans)

Big Apple Brews - Goose Island 312 Wheat, Honker's and IPA; Red Hook Long Hammer IPA, Pilsner, ESB; Widmer Drifter Pale Ale, Hefeweizen

"Catch of the Day" and the Caesar's Club - Blue Point Toasted Lager (draught)

Delta Sky 360 Club - Blue Point Toasted Lager, Victory Prima Pils, Ommegang Abbey Ale (all unconfirmed - have you seen these beers there? let me know)

Two Boots Pizza - Abita Purple Haze
McFadden's - Guinness, Sam Adams, Blue Moon and 10 or so other regular taps

You can find the complete list of beers at Citi Field here: The Citi Field Beer List. The Mets give you a lot of options when you go out to see a ballgame. However the selection probably wouldn't make the playoffs when put up against other stadiums. The standard price is $8.50 for a draft or a can. That's 50 cents more than last year.

Photo by Ceetar

So let's start at the top. The top is local craft beer, and it's good. The main location to get these beers is what's called the Craft Beer Dugout. There are three of them located near section 413 in the Promenade food court behind home plate, section 127 which is on the Field level near the left field foul pole, and section 105 which is on the Field level near the right field foul pole right near the World's Fare Market. A word of warning, the right field version is severely limited so far. Each of the other dugouts has four taps and a cooler full of cans. The selection so far has been a little different at each one. I've noticed Widmer Drift Pale Ale on tap in left field, but the Widmer tap on the Promenade level was serving the Citra Summer Blonde. Also on tap is Kona Longboard Lager, Shocktop, and Goose Island Honker's Ale. The list of cans includes Sixpoint Sweet Action, Blue Point Summer, Blue Point Toasted Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9, Blue Moon, and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. I've been told that Blue Point's new White IPA will also be available in cans soon.


photo by Ceetar

So that's the real craft beer selection. I should add that you can get Blue Point Toasted Lager on tap at Catch of the Day, and in the Caesar's Club as well. I haven't had a chance to peek in the Delta Sky 360 Club yet, but I believe you can also get it there along with Victory Prima Pils, and Ommegang Abbey Ale. Maybe some others. I firmly believe Ommegang Abbey Ale should be available outside the club, and really as it's a beer brewed in Cooperstown, it should be available in every ballpark in the league. There are couple of other locations you can get different beers. All the Two Boots Pizza locations have Abita Purple Haze and Peroni, and you can get Mythos Hellenic Lager in the World's Fare Market. (Although I'm not sure why you'd want to, as it's disgusting)

The other major place to get beer is at Big Apple Brews, which is a giant island of a beer cooler located in center field and in the Promenade food court behind home plate. All of these beers are distributed via the Anheuser Busch/Craft Brewery Alliance agreement, but there are some pretty good beers included in that. I usually stick to the offerings of Goose Island, Widmer, and Redhook, but you can see the complete list here.

photo by Ceetar

So that's the list. I believe that comes to 64 different beers at Citi Field, although a large chunk of them are different varieties of the macros. I'd give Citi Field a solid B grade. It's certainly got a couple of good beers, but there is still work to be done. I'd like to see more Sixpoint offerings besides just Sweet Action, and more Ommegang particularly in the publicly accessible areas. There are quite a few other local/NY breweries that I'd love to see too. Captain Lawrence, Ithaca, Chelsea, and Southampton to name a few. That doesn't even touch on the New Jersey offerings. I still lament the loss of the four specialty Brooklyn Brewery beers that were paired with the Danny Meyer concessions out in center field. Losing those after the 2010 season was definitely a big blow.

If you want a beer before the game, your only option is McFadden's Citi Field located by the center field/bullpen gate. I haven't been in a while but it has the same beer list as pretty much every other McFadden's and while it's not horrible, it's not much to write home about. You've got Guinness, Sam Adams, Blue Moon and another 10 or so taps of the usual cast of characters.

Thanks Ceetar! You can check out and follow Ceetar the Optimistic Mets Fan on Twitter!



Beer For Beasts Close to Sell Out

Meet Jens. Jens is a beast.
For those of you that have been lollygagging, your ship is about to sail. As of press time, the day session of SixpointBeerAdvocate's Beer For Beasts animal charity event is 100% sold out and only 261 tickets remain for the evening session. GET ON IT! As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to help brew one of the 40 beers that will make a one-time ever appearance at this fest, so as you can imagine I'm very excited about attending and sampling what we made. Last year was a good time so I'm sure this year will be even better.  I'll be attending the day session, so please be sure to say hi.

Today's photo of the magnificent beast known as Jens was submitted by my good buddy Mikey Santoro, who along with his roommates are about the biggest fan of the Sixpoint nanokegs out there. Cheers!

Beer for Beasts will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2012, at The Bell House (149 7th Street), located in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn in New York City. All proceeds to benefit The Humane Society of New York City. Last year's Beer for Beasts raised nearly $30,000 to directly aid the better treatment of animals. Purchase tickets here.


Brewing with Sixpoint for Beer For Beasts

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of brewing a beer with Sixpoint for their upcoming charity event Beer For Beasts. This was my first time visiting the Red Hook brewing facility, and it's shockingly small. Some of their brews and their nanokegs come out of the Lion Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, so they've probably saved some space that way. Other than having to take the subway and a bus in order to get to it's remote location, it's a great little brewing concern.

I worked with Pete Dickson who's been brewing with Sixpoint for about a year now. The photo above is the system we used to make the 21 gallons or so of the beer that will be consumed at Beer For Beasts at the end of March.

The recipe was my homebrew "Old Lidblower" scaled up from a 5 gallon batch. We actually missed our OG by a bit, which we assumed was probably because of the large amount of specialty malt (black, chocolate, dark crystal). But hey, that's okay, beer is beer and it tasted great before going into the fermentor.

Here's the mash. It was really nice to have a 3 part tiered system versus what I'm used to in my kitchen. It just makes everything way smoother. It made me really want to purchase a pump instead of using my auto-siphon all the time.

And we have a boil! This is when it really started smelling terrific.

And here we have the label on the side of the fermentor after the brew day was done. We actually put it into a Blichmann conical fermentor which was pretty cool. I'm used to simple brew buckets. 

It was a great time hanging with the Sixpoint guys and also incredibly fun to brew on a larger system with a professional brewer. Do you want to try this beer? Then you have to come to Beer For Beasts!

Beer For Beasts
Saturday, March 31, 2012
The Bell House (149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY).
All proceeds to benefit The Humane Society of New York City.

Tickets for Beer for Beasts go onsale Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 12pm/ET. Each ticket will be $60 and include access to one session (1-5pm or 6-10pm), beer and food tastings, and entertainment.

Head over to for more info


Barcade Crawl

This past Saturday, some friends and I decided to do something a little crazy. Go to all three Barcade locations (Philadelphia, Jersey City and Brooklyn) in one day. This all came about after I visited Barcade Philly for the first time a few weeks ago and realized it wouldn't be very hard to go to both the Philly and Jersey City locations in one afternoon. After describing my trip and my thought to one Chris O' Leary of Brew York, New York, the gears in his head were immediately turning. A few days later and Chris had already set up a Facebook Event and planned out a whole route entirely utilizing mass transit. Uh oh, we were really doing this.

Chris already has a great recap on his site, so I won't go into it here. But we made it to Jersey City just after 5:00 and Brooklyn at around 9:00. Not too bad really. Obviously Philly was the long haul, but still worth it as it's a great venue. Here are a few photos to add to the mix:

They have a smoker. This means already amazing food is actually smoked amazing food.

If you like this idea but don't feel like taking mass transit, you're in luck. This Saturday 12/10, Barcade and Sixpoint are joining forces for a Barcade Crawl by BUS! A $100 ticket gets you transportation round trip from Brooklyn to all 3 Barcades, 5 oz. pours of all 10 exclusive Sixpoint beers at each location AND food in Philly. That's a pretty great deal AND all proceeds are going to charity. Do it!


Beer For Beasts Recap

This past Saturday, Sixpoint and Beer Advocate came together for an event to benefit the NY Humane Society at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Sixpoint brewed over 20 one-off beers to be poured at the event. Along with food from Calexico Cart among other local vendors, it certainly sounded like a recipe for a great time. Well, the event wasn't without its hiccups, but since its all for a good cause, I'll give this event a thumbs up with hopes for future improvements.

It certainly didn't help that I was about an hour late to the event, although comrades informed me that it took quite some time to get in after the doors opened at 1. Beers were organized around the walls of the main room according to the layout of the program. This was Issue #1 as there were no labels or signs indicating which beer was pouring at each station. You would have to either keep track of where you were (which can be difficult while drinking) or continually ask the pourers which one you were about to imbibe.

The beer I was most excited to try at the event was the Baltic Street, which was a collaboration between Sixpoint and my friends Stevie from LadiesOCB and Lee from Hoptopia. Unfortunately by the time I came around to that brew, it was already kicked. This was at about 3pm, only about 2 hours into the event. As it went on, more and more beers were kicked, until a majority of them were finished before 4pm, with still an hour left in the afternoon session. I understand that they probably needed to ensure they'd have enough of each beer for the 2nd session, but it seemed a little early for all of these to be disappearing.

Calexico Cart guys working hard in the cold.

The food situation was also a bit of a problem. All of it was located outside in a cramped, fenced-in area directly in front of the venue. The chefs were making as much food as quickly as they could, but the wait times were still too long to endure in the cold. But once you got your hands on the food, it was quite delicious. I only managed to have a few tacos from Calexico, as I couldn't spend any more time in line with so many beers disappearing so quickly inside.

A bit overwhelmed, but still a happy drinker.

Sixpoint brews some fantastic beers. There were so many that it was hard to really distinguish the subtle differences, especially when worrying about getting around to try all of them before they kicked. Even though I love the rustic feel of The Bell House, perhaps Sixpoint and BeerAdvocate need to find another larger venue to allow for adequate room for the large amount of attendees. Overall, this event was to benefit the NY Humane Society and that is an awesome all of my petty complaints are still with an appreciation toward BA and Sixpoint. But lets hope they do it again next year with some improvements, because the only thing better than drinking good craft beer is doing it for charity.