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Twitter Bottle Share Tonight (and HEY! A Contest!)

A few months ago I stumbled upon something called the Twitter Bottle Share. And yes, just like it sounds, people "get together" on Twitter and share thoughts on the beer they're enjoying. Usually there's a pre-chosen theme or idea behind each week's online gathering. To make it easier for everyone to follow along, a predetermined hashtag is announced and everyone follows that hashtag throughout the night. And guess what? It's not just informative and interesting, it's a lot of fun. The people who regularly participate are smart, funny and inclusive. It's an all-around good time.

Tonight just so happens to be the 30th incarnation of Twitter Bottle Share (#TBS30), and to help celebrate this awesome little corner of the internets, we're going to have a Beertography Contest! The rules are oh so simple:

1) You have to submit your photograph during #TBS30 on 8/14 which will take place today (Wednesday) from about 7–11 Eastern Time.  For more information about TBS, check out:

2) The beertography has to be of a Stone Brewing pale ale or IPA beer. For example, Ruination, Stone IPA, Levitation, Stone Pale Ale, etc. There are plenty of readily available options.

3) When you submit your beertography you must include these two hashtags to be judged –> #TBS30 and #beertography

4) Only one beertography entry per person so make sure you pick out your best photo to submit!

The photos will be judged by yours truly (@beertography), and the winner will receive a #beertography t-shirt. I told you it was simple!

Want to see what your prize will look like?

See you at #TBS30 tonight!


Soccer Beertography Contest Winners

#CheersToSoccer by @atxchristina

Some of you may have already seen the winners as announced by Free Beer Movement, but I have one thing left to add: My selection for Best in Beertography! But first head over to Free Beer Movement and check out the full list of the winners we selected!

As you can see there were some awesome entries, so it was very difficult making this decision but congrats to ATXChristina on winning a fancy beertography t-shirt! 

Obviously this contest was good luck with two great results from the USMNT in World Cup Qualifiers this past week, so we'll have to do it again soon!

Cheers to Soccer!


Beertography 4th Anniversary Contest Winners

Wow, what an amazing bunch of entries into our 4th Anniversary Contest. The response was overwhelming and I am honored that so many of you entered. When I set up the contest I was planning on only giving away one t-shirt but because there were so many great entries, I've decided to give away THREE! And here they are!







You guys are just so amazingly creative, it's so great to see. I wish that I could give everyone who entered a shirt but I just don't have enough. I'd like to publish some of my other favorite entries too. We'll call them honorable mentions, but really everyone who entered did a fantastic job. Group hug!

Honorable Mentions:





















And finally, another entry from @the_beer_truck:

Wow. Just.. wow.


Soccer Beertography Contest

For those of you that have been following Beertography for a while, you know that for us, beer and soccer go hand in hand. Whether watching a English Premiere League game on TV at home or attending a MLS game at one of this country's fine soccer stadiums, a beer is the perfect pairing. With the MLS Season Opener happening this weekend, it seemed like a great time to do a Soccer Beertography Contest.

This time, I'm partnering up with The Free Beer Movement and The Beautiful Gear to bring you this awesome contest. Some of you may recognize The Free Beer Movement from when I wrote an article for them a few months ago. Their concept is simple: promote American Soccer by providing non-fans beer. It's easy and it WORKS! The Beautiful Gear is an excellent website that follows the world of soccer merchandise. I know I've already spent quite a bit of money on shirts and other soccer paraphenalia.  

So let's get to it! How do you enter? All you have to do is follow @CarterTDaly@FreeBeerMovement, and yours truly @Beertography on Twitter and tweet using the hashtag #CheersToSoccer. Whether you're on the pitch, tailgating, in the stadium, at the pub, or hanging out in your own living room we want you to share what you're drinking, where you're drinking and/or who you're drinking with.

We'll get together in a top secret location and select the THREE best entries that demonstrate the essence of beer and soccer to receive one of these incredibly clean "Pints Up!" Adidas X Free Beer Movement t-shirts. These shirts are awesome. I just got mine recently and I've already been wearing it everywhere. I'll also be personally selecting my "Best in Beertography" Award which will win an almost-as-awesome Beertography T-shirt. Three more honorable mentions will win a sticker pack from FBM.

So get to playing, watching, drinking, and photographing and get at us with your work. We'll announce the winners in two weeks time.

Cheers To Soccer!


Anchor Beertography Challenge Winners

Photo by Andrew Gutierrez

Well, it's finally come to a close. My month-long collaboration contest/challenge with Anchor Brewing is complete. We got a ton of great entries from all over the world, and this was by far my favorite brewery collaboration yet. It was a full year in the making and definitely one of the most engaging, interactive and fun experiences I've had. Thanks so much to everyone who participated by entering photos or even just by voting. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
So let's talk WINNERS! First of all, since this IS, I'd like to announce the Best in Beertography. I personally combed through every single entry and picked my absolute favorite, which was by no means an easy task. Emerging a notch above all of the rest, my selection is Andrew Gutierrez aka Drew_Skis on Twitter (photo pictured above).

Andrew's photo entitled "Hoppy Holidays" encompassed everything that I like to see in great beertography: clear shot of the label, beer poured and in the proper glassware with no other brewery label visible, and a great composition with an interesting background. The lights on his tree even look like beer bottles themselves. 

Congrats to Andrew! I'll be contacting Andrew to offer up a little prize for submitting such a great example of beertography. I think I also have to ask him for a high-res version, because that thing just screams desktop background. 

Here are a few of my other favorite entries that were in contention for Best in Beertography:

Of course, I wasn't the only one selecting a winner in this Challenge. Next up we have the People's Choice winner, determined via Votes on the Anchor Brewing Facebook Page. The Winner is...

Photo by Patrick Buganski

Patrick Buganski with 122 votes for his "Hoppy Holidays" entry. Congrats Patrick!


And finally, Anchor Brewing themselves were tasked with picking their favorite of the lot of entries. And they have selected...

Photo by Angelo Veneziano aka @boozedancing 

Congrats GLO! This was one of my favorites as well. Definitely follow him on Twitter- he churns out great beertography all the time. 

 Photo by Scott Taylor

Anchor also selected the above photo by Scott Taylor as their "Honorable Mention". So Congrats to Scott!


Thanks to everyone who submitted their beertography in this challenge. Also HUGE thanks to Dan and Belle from Anchor Brewing for collaborating with me on this awesome Holiday funtime extreme. Maybe we'll do it again sometime...