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Barcade Crawl II - Saturday 10/18

In case you haven't seen BrewYork's post yet, I want to officially invite you on the most epic beer and gaming crawl of your life. If you've been reading for a while, you'll remember that back in December 2011, BrewYork and Beertography teamed up for a Barcade Crawl. At the time, it was to celebrate the opening of Barcade Philadelphia which was the third location to open. Flash forward to present day, and we have the FIFTH Barcade opening Thursday October 9th. Guess where we're going with this?

Yes, we're going to all five Barcades in one day. Let me just write that out one more time. We're going to ALL FIVE BARCADES in one day. Philadelphia, Jersey City, Chelsea, St. Mark's and Brooklyn - ALL via public transportation. 

Thankfully, Chris of BrewYork really knows his public transportation and figured out our whole itinerary for the day:

- 9:00am: Meet at New York Penn Station by the NJ Transit ticket booths; purchase joint NJT/SEPTA ticket for 9:15 departure to Trenton/Philadelphia (don’t be late!)
- 11:45am: Arrive at 30th Street Station Philly; take Market-Frankford Line to Girard (three block walk to Barcade Phily)
12:00pm: Arrive at Barcade Philly! (Lunch available)
2:15pm: Leave Barcade Philly, take Market-Frankford Line to 30th Street Station
2:30pm: Arrive at 30th Street Station Philly; purchase joint NJT/SEPTA ticket for 2:49 departure to Newark Penn Station
5:15pm: Arrive at Newark Penn Station; take PATH to Grove St. (three block walk to Barcade Jersey City)
5:45pm: Arrive at Barcade Jersey City! (Dinner available)
- 7:15pm: Leave Barcade Jersey City; take PATH to 23rd St. (one block walk to Barcade New York)
7:45pm: Arrive at Barcade New York!
9:15pm: Leave Barcade New York, take N/R Trains to 8th St.-NYU (two block walk to Barcade St. Mark’s)
9:30pm: Arrive at Barcade St. Mark’s!
11:00pm: Leave Barcade St. Marks, take L Train to Lorimer St. (three block walk to Barcade Brooklyn)
- 11:30pm: Arrive at Barcade Brooklyn!

Yes, that's a long day. But it's going to be a lot of fun. It's all about staying hydrated, pacing yourself and enjoying the scenery. If you don't feel up to hitting all five locations, then by all means - meet us at any of them and come to as many as you can! 


Barcade Crawl

This past Saturday, some friends and I decided to do something a little crazy. Go to all three Barcade locations (Philadelphia, Jersey City and Brooklyn) in one day. This all came about after I visited Barcade Philly for the first time a few weeks ago and realized it wouldn't be very hard to go to both the Philly and Jersey City locations in one afternoon. After describing my trip and my thought to one Chris O' Leary of Brew York, New York, the gears in his head were immediately turning. A few days later and Chris had already set up a Facebook Event and planned out a whole route entirely utilizing mass transit. Uh oh, we were really doing this.

Chris already has a great recap on his site, so I won't go into it here. But we made it to Jersey City just after 5:00 and Brooklyn at around 9:00. Not too bad really. Obviously Philly was the long haul, but still worth it as it's a great venue. Here are a few photos to add to the mix:

They have a smoker. This means already amazing food is actually smoked amazing food.

If you like this idea but don't feel like taking mass transit, you're in luck. This Saturday 12/10, Barcade and Sixpoint are joining forces for a Barcade Crawl by BUS! A $100 ticket gets you transportation round trip from Brooklyn to all 3 Barcades, 5 oz. pours of all 10 exclusive Sixpoint beers at each location AND food in Philly. That's a pretty great deal AND all proceeds are going to charity. Do it!