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Beer Library: Holiday Gift Guide 

Every good craft beer geek has to have a solid beer library. There have already been a swath of great beer books over the years. This holiday season, there are a bunch more that you need to get your hands on and here we'll break them down for you so you know which ones are up your alley (hint: they all are).


The Ameircan Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl

Pairing craft beer with delicious food recipes is the next level of beer geekdom. Unleash your inner foodie and pick up John Holl's latest fantastic work. Holl has collected various recipes from breweries all across the country, and believe me, I've tried quite a few of them. This is #1 on our recommended Holiday Beer Gift list. 


The Complete Beer Course by Joshua M. Bernstein

Got a new-ish beer geek friend or family member? This is the perfect holiday gift for them. Bernstein's book is exactly what it claims to be: a bootcamp for beer geeks that will get even the greenest drinker up to speed.


Boutique Beer by Ben McFarland

Boutique Beer is the perfect thing to reach for when you need a quality, up-to-date quick encyclopedia on beer worldwide. Beertographers take note, there are tons of great photos.


Notes From the Captain Lawrence Tasting Room by Michael J. Malone

I might be a bit biased with this entry, but if you turn to Page 138, you'll find the story of two friends and I when we rode our bikes from the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan all the way to Captain Lawrence Brewing in Elsmford, NY. But that isn't the only interesting story. This book is packed with interesting stuff that goes on and passes thru the Captain Lawrence brewery.


Beyond the Pale by Ken Grossman

With so many breweries opening all across the country these days, it's important to learn about how the craft beer pioneers got their start. Who better to learn from than Ken Grossman, the owner and founder of Sierra Nevada of Chico, CA?


The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli

An up to date account of the historical rise of craft beer. We've had some classics in the past and here we have a modern classic we'll be referencing for years to come. 


Lagunitas: The Story by Tony Magee

Along the same lines of "Beyond the Pale" by Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman, Tony Magee tells all about how he (just barely) made Lagunitas a success. Tony has a very unique and upfront way of speaking which translates well into his writing, making this a welcome change in tone for a beer book.


Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher

You should already own this. You probably already own this. If you don't, you've made a huge mistake. Especially if you're studying or planning to study for either the Cicerone Certification Exam or the Beer Judge Certification Program. Must have.


D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. by Robert A. Musson, MD

You can't not have a respect for America's oldest brewery. It's a short book, but there's so much history here that it's absolutely worth it.


The Pocket Beer Guide by Tim Webb & Stephen Beaumont

Webb & Beaumont have created the perfect mini beer travel guide. Wherever you're going worldwide, bring this along and you'll be guaranteed to find the best beer spots. Also, it's small so you know, stocking stuffer.


NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, some of these books were sent to me for review, some I purchased myself.


Long Haul Beertography: Announcing the Beertographer of the Year Contest

If you've been following for a while now, you're probably already familiar with our "Beertographer of the Week" feature. Every week I'd highlight somoene who I thought really demonstrated a mastery of Beertography. It's been a while since we've seen that feature, but now it's making it's return in a different, bigger way. 

Starting with January 2014, I'll be featuring one person as the Beertographer of the Month for the first 11 months of the year. Yes, that means ELEVEN Beertographers of the Month. Each BOTM will have their photo featured as the cover photo on the Beertography Facebook page for the duration of the month. But wait a sec, what about December? Aren't there 12 months in a year? I think you're probably seeing where this is going. In December 2014, the eleven Beertographers of the Month will go up against each other to see who can emerge as the Beertographer of the YEAR! Whoever wins will receive a very special prize. More info on that coming soon, but it's going to be real good. 

Now, anyone is eligible to be Beertographer of the Month. It doesn't matter if you've been Beertographer of the Week before or if it's your first time. All you have to do is produce some great #beertography and get me to notice. How you say? Easy, just use #beertography and tag me on Instagram and/or Twitter. The twist this time out is that for the last week of the month, I'll announce 5 nominees and then we'll have a poll right here on the site and you will determine who takes the monthly crown. 

TLDR: The competition for January 2014 Beertographer of the Month is open NOW. You have until Christmas Eve (12/24) to be eligible for the January BOTM. We'll do a poll the last week of the year to kick things off and then go on from there.

So why is this happening? Hopefully you're not even bothering to ask that question, but if you are... I think this will encourage everyone to step up their beertography game and it levels the playing field for everyone right off the bat. There are already so many of you that are so good at beertography but it's going to take some creativity to make it to Beertographer of the Month, let alone Year!

Also, having a year-long contest doesn't mean it'll be the only one we're doing in 2014, but I think it'll be a lot of fun to have an ongoing one that culminates at the end of the year. Almost like a season with playoffs and a champion. Anyways, get to it! We're all in it together for the long haul.


We raised over $500 for Pints for Prostates!

This past Sunday at Jimmy's No. 43 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, BeerUnion and myself came together to forge one mega-blogomerate to take on Prostate Cancer head-on. The idea was to raise as much money as possible for the charity Pints for Prostates which will then go towards prostate cancer research. We had great beers flowing from the taps thanks to Jimmy, as well as some awesome raffle prizes thanks to a number of awesomely charitable people and businesses. But why let me blather on about the event? Let's hear from an attendee! Heeeeeeeere's Jared:

I have always wanted to be on as a guest columnist, but I never knew how I would get on here. After attending the Pints for Prostates fundraiser this past weekend, I knew I had my my chance to be published by offering to post a recap from an attendee's prospective.

A little background on how I know John: I knew John in college when he drank Piels, Bud Light and Milwaukee's Best Light (things have changed). He loved movies, wrestling and skipping class. He was a good roommate; never starting trouble and always kept the apartment clean. Now that you have probably learned more about John from these couple sentences than you have learned by following his blog over the past few years, I will leave it at that.
(editor's note: it's not about me, it's about the beer!)
Raiding Jimmy's Cellar (Photo courtesy @EliasWF)
Last Sunday, I attended the Pints for Prostates fundraiser that was hosted by Beertography and BeerUnion. It was at this bar called Jimmy's No. 43 that I have never been to, but when I walked in, I was met with a friendly crowd and lots of delicious beer. Jimmy (the bar owner) spoke for a few minutes about Prostate Cancer and the need for fundraising to help develop easier and more effective tests to diagnose the disease in order to receive the proper treatment. Many men are afraid of the tests and don't go to their doctor, so what do you do to get the men into the office? You make the test easier and not painful at all! 

The appropriate reaction once seeing Jimmy's extensive collection. (Photo courtesy @EliasWF)

Sometimes people feel really pressured to donate to causes at events and it is uncomfortable. I have been at those events and don't enjoy it. This event was the opposite of that, they basically forced me to drink more because for each beer I had, the bar would donate $1. I drank a couple IPAs and a Stout. Then I gave $2 for a ticket to be put into the raffle, because why not? The prizes were pretty good and it was only $2! Then as luck would have it, I won the prize to go back into the Jimmy's beer cellar and pick out ANY bottle I wanted. So of course I picked out the largest bottle I could find and brought it back out to share with my friends. I even got on the Jimmy's No 43 twitter!
I had a great time at this event. It is great to see people with a common interest (beer) get together and work towards a philanthropic cause. I am already looking forward to next year's event!




Jared with his selection of Keegan Super Kitty 

Thanks to Jared for the write-up and thanks to everyone who came out! An extra special thanks to those who donated prizes: John Holl, Bitters & Esters, 508 Gastrobrewery and Fuhmentaboudit Podcast! And thanks to Jimmy for hosting and letting people raid his beer cellar!

Until next year!


All About Beer Beertography Contest Winners

Wow, what an incredible batch of entries for this contest! Thanks to every single person that entered and to the fine folks at All About Beer Magazine for sponsoring. The submissions were staggering in both their amount and their quality. The beertography skills that you all possess are simply humbling. So much so that we've decided to hand out MORE than just one prize! That said, we had to pick a first place winner, so congratulations to @mollykinne for her submission of Upright Brewing's Seven! This shot just really sticks out, mainly because of the great use of color. Between the green of the grass, the red of the barn and the blue sky, it just popped. So congrats Molly, you win a one-year subscription to All About Beer magazine! You should also go follow Molly on Instagram because as you'll see, she's consistently putting out great #beertography! 


How about a few more winners?? Each of the following people will receive a free half-year subscription to All About Beer Magazine! Not too shabby!

First up, we got a handful of amazing shots from Eric aka @BeardBeerBard. He also included this awesome Behind-the-Scenes photo of him setting up a shot, which I thought was a brilliant little addition. 

So congrats Eric, you get a 6 month All About Beer magazine subscription! I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff because it shows a level of dedication that can sometimes be overlooked when running a contest like this. So, cheers Eric!


Wow, nice work Oliver! You're the other runner-up and will receive a 6 month subscription to All About Beer magazine! Cheers!

We really wished we could have picked even more but there were just SO many to choose from. You can still get yourself a FREE trial subscription to All About Beer by clicking here!

See below for a smattering of other fantastic entries, in no particular order:












Thanks to everyone who entered!


Save the Date! Pints for Prostates Event in NYC 11/24

Just a little Save the Date for readers in the NY/NJ area. On Sunday November 24th from 1-5pm, I'll be partnering with BeerUnion to throw a Pints for Prostates charity event at Jimmy's No. 43 in New York City. You may remember my P4P event last year at Barcade Jersey City where we raised over $1200 for Prostate Cancer research. This time we're doing right in the middle of Manhattan, so anyone who is too scared to come to NJ has no excuse! 

We're finalizing the draught list now but we already have some exciting things lined up. More details to come very soon!

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